Are you part of the State of Maryland Criminal Justice Information System (“CJIS”)?

Yes, Maryland Livescan Fingerprinting is licensed by the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services – Criminal Justice Information System (“CJIS”) as a private provider of fingerprinting services.

Will my fingerprints be captured using ink?

No. Your fingerprints are captured using the latest livescan technology, which provides the most accurate method for doing so.

I was previously fingerprinted – can’t the licensing agency just use my fingerprints on file? My fingerprints don’t change – why do I have to be fingerprinted again? Aren’t my fingerprints on file in the “system”?

Once an applicant is fingerprinted, their fingerprints are used to generate the background report, which is then transmitted to the designated agency. The agency does not receive the applicant’s fingerprints to re-run in the future. There is no system that retains applicant fingerprints for them to re-use.

I was printed for TSA, TWIC and/or Federal Government Employment, why can’t I just use those fingerprints?

Fingerprints are not shared by those agencies with the CJIS applicant fingerprinting process.

Can I use one livescan fingerprinting transaction number for multiple applications?

No. Your livescan transaction is one-time use and good only for the application for which it was submitted. You cannot use it for any other application.

Can I get printed one time for both my HQL and CCW?

If you are applying for the HQL and the CCW at the same time, you must be fingerprinted twice and utilize two transaction numbers. You are able to apply for and obtain an HQL once you have received your CCW, without being fingerprinted a second time, by selecting the “Permit Exempt” option when applying for the HQL, but you will not use your Tracking Number from your CCW for that process or the Maryland State Police will reject it.

Can my fingerprints be sent to another state?

We provide livescan services for the State of Florida. For all other states, we can provide standard physical fingerprint cards (FD258) for submission or print on most customer-supplied fingerprint cards. You should check with the licensing authority in that state to confirm their acceptance of fingerprint cards and the procedures for doing so.

Can I get my Hazardous Materials (“HazMat”) fingerprinting done at your location?

No. Hazardous Materials (“HazMat”) fingerprinting, pursuant to federal regulations, can only be done at one of the State of Maryland CJIS locations – either the CJIS Store Front at Reisterstown Plaza or one of the 5 MVA locations with a CJIS fingerprinting office.

What should I expect when I am fingerprinted?

Our experienced technicians will guide you through the process. Relaxing your hands and not pressing down on the fingerprinting surface so our technician can capture your fingerprints will produce the best results. Some individuals find it helpful to look away while their fingerprints are captured.

Do identical twins have identical fingerprints?