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Customer Service Announcement:

bullet The new, on-site state-of-the-art computer lab is available to all applicant and licensees. The lab provides applicants and licensees with the necessary resources to complete and print on-line registrations and licensing applications at the time of being fingerprinted and photographed.

Customer Testimonials:
Maryland Livescan is very proud of its customer satifaction rating. Through our dedication to serving the public, continued hard work and a strong commitment to deliver nothing but the highest level of customer satisfaction, Maryland Livescan is very pleased to be the most trusted and reliable livescan fingerprint service provider in the Mid-Atlantic region. We thank everyone for sharing their experience and providing their feedback to us.

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Great Service, Fast and Easy
Pete M. from Baltimore, MD
I had to get fingerprinted for my Mortgage Loan Originators license and this process was so easy that I thought I had missed something. It literally took a total of 5 minutes to register online, then get fingerprinted. I highly recommend this service.

Very Conveneint and Fast
Angelena T., RN from Baltimore, MD
The service was extra fast. It was very convenient to pay for it online. My application for MBON required that I have two passport photos so it was a bonus that they did that as well. I didn't have to go out of my way to find a place and pay for passport photos. Very convenient indeed!!

5 Stars
Taneka B. from Baltimore, MD
I registered the night before online. No waiting. Fast, easy and friendly. Highly recommended!

Fast and Easy
Michael H. from Washington, DC
The process was very fast, easy and a pleasure to do.

Fast and Friendly Service
Lynda B. from Fairfax, VA
Needed fingerprinting to expand my ability to deliver educational services. Arrived to find friendly and fast service. Even got a great restaurant recommendation---a bonus! Worth the long drive up from VA.

Fast, Easy Process
Carol H., Educational Instructor from Nottingham, MD
Registered online the night before. Drove to Glen Burnie (25 minute drive). I went right in and was finished in 10 minutes. Detective Vain was polite and very friendly! Easy process!

Best Service!!!
Sharon J. from Baltimore, MD
This was the best service!!! I registered online, walked in had my prints finished in minutes! Detective Bill Vain is great at his job and very helpful. I have never done anything like this before and even though I have no record I was nervous until I spoke to him in person. THANK YOU!!!!

Very Streamlined and Simple
Pat D., Lieutenant from Glen Burnie, MD
Truly a one stop shop for applications requiring fingerprinting. Very reasonable cost and the process was very streamlined and simple. Even without an appointment, myself and staff members never had to wait! Detective Vain is very courteous and professional. I'll never go anywhere else!

Sandra B. from Glen Burnie, MD
I had such a pleasant visit. The process was quick and efficient. I was in and out in less than 10 minutes. I was fingerprinted by Detective Vain who was extremely helpful and nice. I would recommend this service to anyone! Go here to save the trip and cost of other places plus you can register online and NOT WAIT AT ALL.

Don S. from Annapolis, MD
I used Maryland Livescan to get my prints dome for a concealed carry permit. I used the express form online and then went to the office the morning to get printed. I was in and out very fast and they even helped me with my packet while I was there. Very fast and very friendly.

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