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Customer Service Announcement:

bullet The new, on-site state-of-the-art computer lab is available to all applicant and licensees. The lab provides applicants and licensees with the necessary resources to complete and print on-line registrations and licensing applications at the time of being fingerprinted and photographed.

Customer Testimonials:
Maryland Livescan is very proud of its customer satifaction rating. Through our dedication to serving the public, continued hard work and a strong commitment to deliver nothing but the highest level of customer satisfaction, Maryland Livescan is very pleased to be the most trusted and reliable livescan fingerprint service provider in the Mid-Atlantic region. We thank everyone for sharing their experience and providing their feedback to us.

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Great Experience
Michelle W., HR Manager from Damascus, MD
I have to say that my experience with Detective Bill Vain greatly exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Bill, for your efficient service and for being such a pleasure to do business with!

Very Professional
James S. from Baltimore, MD
Simple online registration and fingerprinting took five minutes, start to finish. Very professional!

Great Service
Christina M. from Millersville, MD
Easy online registration, friendly customer service at location, quick service. A breeze! Thanks very much.

Very Impressive
Dawn M. from Glen Burnie, MD
I was very impressed on the high level of professional service I received by the company. I used the online express registration and was completely finished in about 5 minutes and on my way. I was fingerprinted by Det. Bill Vain who was clearly highly experienced on what he does and very courteous and professional. I would consider the company itself as a true leader in its field and exemplary in the level of customer service it provides to the public. I definitely recommend this company to anyone in need of such service and will use again in the future.

Simple and Fast
Jose G. from Frederick, MD
Went to Maryland Livescan in Glen Burnie today which turned out to be a breeze. Very professional and answered any questions I had. Very helpful. Thank you.

Highly Recommend
S. Miller, HR Director from Westminster, MD
They are nothing but Professional!

Hassle Free
Dan L. from Baltimore, MD
I was fingerprinted for a Child Care criminal records background check and an FBI reprint of a prior records submission for a domestic adoption. I am very pleased to say that the service I received was prompt, thorough and polite. I highly recommend this location and won't hesitate to use it again when necessary.

Nothing Compares
Kelly F. from Columbia, MD
I took my daughter to Maryland Livescan to get fingerprinted for her nursing license. The service was outstanding and Det. Vain was very courteous. I've been fingerprinted other places, as long as I'm in Maryland, I will give them my business.

Handgun Permit
Curtis T., Manager from Baltimore, MD
I used Maryland Live Scan Services to get my FFL License fingerprint cards completed. I registered online and took my receipt the next day and was greeted by Detective Vain at the office and he proceeded to fingerprint me for my FFL License, my MD CCW Permit and PA CCW Permit and I received printed fingerprint cards for all three applications. The greatest thing about their process is no INK and MESS. The fingerprint cards were flawless! Maryland Livescan is set up for the Utah and Florida CCW Permits also! Register online and you are in and out in ten to fifteen minutes with completed cards in hand. Detective Vain was very courteous and answered all my questions in a very professional manor. The cost is well worth the quality and efficiency that you receive!

Fast and Easy
Martha V. from Clarksville, MD
Fast, easy, and effortless. Det. Vain was courteous and very professional. Will definitely use him again when my license is up for renewal!

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