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Customer Service Announcement:

bullet The new, on-site state-of-the-art computer lab is available to all applicant and licensees. The lab provides applicants and licensees with the necessary resources to complete and print on-line registrations and licensing applications at the time of being fingerprinted and photographed.

Customer Testimonials:
Maryland Livescan is very proud of its customer satifaction rating. Through our dedication to serving the public, continued hard work and a strong commitment to deliver nothing but the highest level of customer satisfaction, Maryland Livescan is very pleased to be the most trusted and reliable livescan fingerprint service provider in the Mid-Atlantic region. We thank everyone for sharing their experience and providing their feedback to us.

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Victoria from Glen Burnie
Love this place!! I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs this service. The place was nice, smelled excellent and had amazing service. The ladies in the office were so professional, helpful and so sweet.

Dominique Wright from Glen Burnie, MD
Love love loveeeeee this place ! I walked in and walked out that’s how quick it was ... The lady who help me today was amazing and professional but at the same time funny as crap ! Love her to pieces .... I’ll recommend livescan to anybody and company !

J. Bryant from Montgomery County
Det. Vain went above and beyond to help me I would recommend recommend this service to anyone.

Only legitimate place in Maryland!
Rebecca D. from Wasgshington, DC
Besides being the only legitimate channeler in Maryland, especially one who isn't going to rob you of your money, the staff at Maryland Livescan (CJIS office in Glen Burnie, MD) was extremely professional and FAST. I had the electronic background check ready for download in only a few hours, printed it out, and it was accepted by oversees authorities straight away. If anywhere else in Maryland is recommending a different channeler they don't know what they are talking about! This place is the one and only!

A pleasant surprise!
Lydia A. from Baltimore, MD
I drove out from Baltimore City to get fingerprinting done because of all the good reviews on this site. I am so happy I did. It was quick, inviting, and I had a nice time chatting the whole 10 minutes I was there.

Professional Service
Ron W. from Baltimore, MD
Such a great place to have a background check completed. I pre-registered and was in and out in less than 15 minutes. Had my results in less than 4 hours. Clean and organized office. I would definitely recommend this place.

Knowledgeable and Dedicated
Sean A. from Glen Burnie, MD
I would have never thought a fingerprinting experience would be so wonderful. My girlfriend dragged me along worrying the entire if an expunged misdemeanor would appear on her record. The receptionist, Polly, told her that couldn't happen and even gave him a number to call if it did. The relief on her face was immeasurable.

You can tell these employees care about your personal concerns beyond getting you out the door. If I ever need a background check I'm definitely coming here.

Awesome Staff!
I will be using them for ALL my Security Officers Backgrounds. I also added them to my web site for others to utilize them... Awesome staff!

Ken U. from Forest Hill, MD
A+ for Det. Vain and his service. F- to the State. I may have simply not paid attention, but renewal applications must be submitted within 30 days otherwise MSP makes you get the cards. I went early and was in/out within minutes. My license does not expire until the end of January and since I had the prints sent in advance of the expiration, they were declined.

This is THE place to do fingerprinting!
Cathy M. from Millersville, MD
As a professional who has applied for various state licenses and jobs many times over the years, I've been fingerprinted many times. I was so glad to discover Maryland Livescan this time around, and now I won't go anywhere else. It was near the holidays, and I already had so much to do. I went into the office expecting the usual hour-plus wait that I've experienced in all the other offices. Instead, I was treated to timely, professional service in a pleasant, clean office. I didn't even have to have my hands inked up, thanks to the state-of-the-art digital equipment. Thank you!

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