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Customer Service Announcement:

bullet The new, on-site state-of-the-art computer lab is available to all applicant and licensees. The lab provides applicants and licensees with the necessary resources to complete and print on-line registrations and licensing applications at the time of being fingerprinted and photographed.

Fee Schedule:

Maryland Livescan Fingerprinting is a private provider authorized and accredited by the  of the State of Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services Central Repository to provide digital fingerprinting and criminal background check services.  The fees for services rendered are established and collected by the private provider.  From the fees collected by our office, the following amounts are remitted to the Treasurer of the State of Maryland for the requisite fee charged to the private provider for accessing the Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) of the Central Repository.

State OnlyAdoption (Add $1 if Gold Seal), Adult Dependent Care, Attorney/Client-Civil Action, Government-Employment (non-criminal justice), Government Licensing or Certification, Immigration/Visa (Add $1 if Gold Seal), Individual Review, MSP Licensing or Certification, Private Party Petition, Public Housing: $18.00

Full Background – State and FBI:  Child Care (FLA)(minus $8.00 if volunteer), Government Employment, Government Licensing or Certification – CHRI Access Fee $18.00 + FBI Processing Fee of $12.00: $30.00

Notary Services:  $4.00 Per Notarized Page

Passport Photographs:  $12.00 (2 - 2" x 2" Photographs)

Maryland Livescan is pleased to provide the following additional services, where applicable, at NO ADDITIONAL COST:

All persons requiring photographs as part of the application or licensing process for which they are being fingerprinted receive 2 passport-size photographs. 

Our state-of-the-art computer lab is available to our customers for their use in preparing and/or submitting application or licensing documents related to the services for which they are being fingerprinted.

Additional fees for services required to process specific licenses and/or applications may apply. Fees subject to change without notice.

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